D.C. vs. Marvel

I have officially won the Internet. Thanks for playing.

Discussing trans health care in a comment thread for a news page, someone sarcastically stated: “I am Batman, I have always known. I want the government to pay for my costume.”

I could not resist. I had to reply: “We all know who you really are, Mr. Wayne. You can afford your own costume. Hell, just from the taxes you pay on the interest you earn, you could buy costumes for the poorest 98%.

It is a false analogy though. You are making a joke, but nobody, not even you, is born Batman, Mr. Wayne. You decided to become The Dark Knight after the childhood trauma of seeing your parents murdered in cold blood. Everybody knows that.

I was born trans.

Perhaps Superman would be a better analogy, but then again, he was just a baby named Kal-El from the planet Krypton. He did not get his powers until he was exposed to the power of our Sun… so not the best analogy either.

I was born trans.

Let’s try Marvel… D.C. Is not working out.

Spider-Man? Nope. Radioactive spider bite.

Thor? Captain America? Hulk? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Perhaps one of the X-Men. While I resent being compared to a mutant, they were born that way and let’s be honest, I too AM an ex man!

There’s your analogy, Mr. Wayne, free of charge. When comparing yourself to a trans woman by using a comic book/superhero analogy, go with the X-Men. Marvel wins. You’re welcome.”

Tori Barton won the Internet on the day of, April 6, 2015. You are lucky to know me. That is all.


4 thoughts on “D.C. vs. Marvel

  1. What I really want to say in response to that ridiculous joke is: No, Batman shouldn’t get his costume paid for by Obamacare. But he should get his therapist covered. Because that’s the accepted treatment for his condition.

    In the case of trans people, there are only a handful accepted treatments for gender dysphoria. Since dysphoria is a thing … I think it’s fair to have it covered by insurance. Just as you would any other condition.

  2. I love using the X-Men as analogies for queer folk. It’s incredibly easy and as a comic book nerd I do love bringing this stuff in whenever I can 😉

    I’ve talked about it a bit on Twitter before but the Days of Future Past movie I think works particularly well for it. The introduction hit me right in the feelings as I couldn’t help but relate mutants to trans people.

  3. If that guy could prove that he was born Batman, went through rigorous psychological assessments to determine whether he is indeed Batman, being Batman causes severe distress to him that is only proven to be fixed when he wears a Batman costume, and has healthcare that covers his Batman costume, he deserves to have his costume paid for by his insurance.
    I feel as if a lot of these people who make assertions like that tend to think that the entire process for trans individuals consists of “Yo, I’m a chick.” “You want to buy this estrogen?” “Yeah.” “Here, that’ll be twenty bucks.” There are actual medical professionals involved. Most trans people, or at least the ones who get hormones and other treatments, are actually //diagnosed// with //gender dysphoria//. It’s not that simple.

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