Cloistered… or… Women Scare the Shit Out of Me

I’d been stuck in a tower. No doors. Only one window. I had no means of escape, but all kinds of time… so… I began to grow my hair. I figured, it it grew long enough, I could hang it out the window and eventually, some stupid asshole would try to climb it, fail, and with any luck, notify someone with a helicopter to finally swoop in and let me out.

That is exactly what happened! What are the odds?!?

Now is when I am supposed to say, “Naw… I was just joshin’ ya’!”

But, I won’t. That would be a far less interesting choice, even if it forces this post into metaphor and fiction. So be it.

So… where was I? Ah yes…

The helicopter dropped me off at the base of the door-less castle-tower. I realized I had been stuck in the tower for so long, I had lost the ability to walk long distances. I waved goodbye to the helicopter, while secretly wishing it would have actually taken me somewhere. Somewhere interesting. As it flew away, I am ashamed to admit, I flipped that helicopter off… hey, I was raised to believe they do not have rear view mirrors. Hopefully I was brought up right. If not, that would be embarrassing and I would owe that helicopter pilot an apology.

So, I tried to walk, dragging my hair behind me. As I walked, I realized something huge. I had grown tired of metaphor and fiction…

(To Be Continued)


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