Boobs Part 2: The Story Develops

This is a continuation of the ongoing saga about my boobs. The first part can be found here:

I really wanted boobs. I did. Be careful what you wish for. So far, the Boob Fairy has been rather generous… and speedy with her delivery.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my once every two weeks injection of estrogen. A literal pain in the ass.

The doc took one look at me and said, “Well, someone’s developing.” I was both proud and embarrassed. He went on, “You do realize they will keep growing for a good three to five years, no? How well endowed are the women in your family?” That is when I started to worry. As I explained to my doctor, the women in my family vary in size, but on both sides they tend to be larger than average. The doc told me to prepare myself.


Well, I went to a store today and bought my first bra. Going on my last round of measurements and taking into account which way I am trending, and also the most common sizes the store had, I ended up with a padded 36 B. It looked HUGE until I tried it on. Sigh… fits like a glove. Hey! Keep your gloves off of me!

Some of the guys reading this may misinterpret why I got a padded bra. Yes, it does make me look fuller. That is not the reason. The reason is to hide my headlights and to protect me from bumping into things. Growing boobs HURT in ways I never imagined. I need the padded shield.

It is getting to that point (or those points) where hiding in plain sight is just gonna’ be more and more difficult if I plan on hiding as a man.

It will not be long before I am complaining about how uncomfortable bras are. The price I pay… sigh.

For the longest time, people have told MTFs to expect on average a cup size smaller than their mother. To many, that sounds like a bad deal. Why? Because most MTFs start with a frame larger than their mother, so smaller breasts may not sound like a perfect fit. It is also commonly said that age can greatly impact the effectiveness of hormones. Fifteen or so years ago, when I last considered transition, most of the info I found seemed to suggest that if you did not start by 30, why bother?

I can tell you, mom does not determine your breast size. Mom, Dad, grandparents, great grandparents… they determine it. MTFs do tend to be on the smaller side of their genetic spectrum. Age of transition is pretty much a myth. Things like male pattern baldness, and beard growth, voice dropping… they can be prevented if HRT starts at a young age. Masculine facial structure can be quelled and perhaps pelvic widening can occur, along with a few other changes if one starts early that can not be reversed once the bones fuse in a person’s 20’s. Yet, it is amazing what a loss of muscle mass, a slight migration of fat to the cheeks, the softening of skin, and weight migrating from the stomach to the thighs, butt, hips and boobs can do.

On a side note, few American insurance plans cover transition. The ones that do, if they cover sexual reassignment, also tend to cover breast augmentation. As with most women, breasts tend to be important to MTFs, and they help others immediately identify someone as female.

In some ways, hormones are a fountain of youth. New growths of subcutaneous fat are NEW! They fill in wrinkles. Breasts have never had to battle gravity. Plus, people like me who are on hormone replacement therapy tend to be happy, which also takes years off a face and body.

As as I tend to be when I write about such personal topics, I am kinda’ bashful about publishing this. I am also flowing with pride. It is, as I say, all kinds of weird… but it is what I signed up for.




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