The Post That Shall Not Be Named

The Post That Shall Not Be Named

Sex, gender, sexuality, what has changed? What may change? After talking with many close friends, it is becoming clear that the mystery of male sexual response versus female sexual response is a huge curiosity.

Well it is/was for me too. This is not a topic which translates well from word to understanding. You kind of have to live it, and I have only been on female hormones for a relatively short time. I have hardly lived it. I am no expert.

First, a disclaimer, when talking about these sorts of subjects with anyone, be they trans or cis (the opposite of trans), think before you open your mouth. Would YOU want to be asked that question? Would anyone ask you that question? Have you ever asked or been asked that question? How would you react if you were asked the same sort of thing?

Being trans and out, makes me sort of a novelty item, even to my closest friends. This feeds my need to entertain, and yet, it kills a part of my dignity.

One thing I have started to say to my close friends when they ask very personal, sexual questions is, “I am a twelve year old girl.”

And really, if you want to know all the intimate details, remember that I am new to this puberty. My hormones are so different. My emotional capacity and reactions have changed in remarkable, drastic, frightening and fun ways.

BUT, if you want me to talk about sex, or my genitals, remember you are talking to a twelve year old girl about sex. I want to think I am an expert, but I have no clue. These hormones give me superpowers, so I feel invincible again. But, I need y’all to be the adults here, at least, from time to time. There is curiosity, and there is asking a twelve year old girl questions you would not dare ask your wife.

End disclaimer.

I will do my best to address those questions people have asked or have wanted to ask me, but stop reading now, if my disclaimer has made its intended point.

Sexuality: I woke up bisexual one day last week. I didn’t mark the date. It just happened. Still am. I am also, still married. I am happy to keep my bisexuality as fantasy for a good long while. I kept my trans nature in my fantasies for years. It it kinda’ fun. I may never physically express my bisexual nature, or I may. For God’s sake though, I do not want to rush into opposite world! Fantasy is fine for a young girl.

Sex drive: My meds have killed my male sex drive, but the biggest erogenous zone is the brain. If I want to, I can. I want to as frequently as I want to. I just control it now, it does not control me. I realize now, how much SEX dominates the typical male brain… and sadly, it gets in the way of some great minds. I am perhaps happier about this change than any other HRT has brought so far. I really feared losing my sex drive because I identified with it. It was a very large part of me. It went away, then it changed, came back, and it is now filled with sugar, spice and new car smell.

My junk: Please, do not ask me about my junk. If I wish to tell you, I will tell you. But have I ever asked you if you want to get the operation, or if you still have “It”? Ok… I will tell you this: I still have mine. Will I keep it? That is a complicated question, yet a $20,000 donation would answer it rather quickly. Get it? Got it? Good. Now, stop asking.

When women say emotions turn them on, they are not lying. Eyes turn men on. The heart is the key to a woman’s… heart. Emotional connection amplifies physical sensation. Light some candles boys, cook a meal, dim the lights. Romance her. Fake it if you must, God knows she will.

My whole body is an erogenous zone. I can tickle myself. On testosterone, I could not. On estrogen, the whole area around the tickle zone tingles. Hell, typing the word, “Tingles” gave me tingles. Butterflies in the pit of her stomach? Them butterflies are real yo! They are a good thing. Good for all involved, I imagine. Nipples? Woah, Nelly! They get crazier every day. They HURT, so there is future growth, and sometimes they itch, another sign of growth. Scratch that itch? Woah, Nelly! My nipples become more erogenous by the hour. I am kinda’ ready for them to stop. This is getting ridiculous. And yet…

OK, my junk: It sorta’ still works. Still gives pleasure. Not the same size, when erect… ’cause it can hardly become erect. No more ejaculate… bye bye, little swimmers. If it did not have the pleasure zone or provide the ability to pee while standing, it would now be a useless appendage. I can, and very possibly will, let it go.

So there you go folks. An overview.

Do not expect many if any more posts like this one in the future. Just wanted to clear the air. Now, kindly, give a young girl her space. If I want a friend, I want a friend, not a horn dog.



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