This is a HUGE post, with very little text.

Life is good. I am happy. I am lonely.

It is beyond weird, I would have killed myself twelve times, before HRT if I was this lonely.  I would have failed. Now, I feel like a Phoenix. So, kindly, up all y’all’s who refuse to rise above the ashes, and up mine for fearing to come out to those who easily can.

I am not sad,  just lonely. Those who will talk to me can attest. I talk their ear off and then guilt trip them when they are ready to do other things.

No offense Intended to my wife, I just used to be the life of the party, and now I worry the party will freak out if I am me. So, I avoid everyone, except those I decide to come out to. Never end a sentence with a preposition above.

So, now, I am an attention whore, I guess. Many may think, “Oh, Tori is transing all over the place, it is too much!”

Sorry, I am just learning how to play to a smaller room.



ps, sorry, the editor on this website sucks. I will fix this post soon.


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