Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

This is a public journal. It will discuss topics related to transition from male to female. I intend to embrace honesty and positivity. With luck, I will go too far discussing both subjects.

This will be positive, honest, discussion about being trans.

Why positive? Because I feel positive right now. I have been positive for a couple of months. I am in no hurry to let this current trend go. Half a year ago, I tried to kill myself. I intend to talk in detail about this attempt (honest) in future posts. Can I be positive and honest? You tell me.

Why honest? Because truth hurts. We all know it does. Truth is the spice of life. Have you ever eaten spicy food? It hurts. You decide if you like it or not. If you do, you are already prepared for the next bite of spice. If you don’t like spicy food, avoid all spice in your life… us spice lovers will always be there to remind you that you do not know what you are missing.

Why transition from male to female? That is a question for another post. Why is this blog about transition? Because I need to talk this out, and I hope others will listen. Simple enough? No? Then wait for more posts.

So, there y’all go. Please read, comment and guide people here if they may benefit from the text.

I intend to transition. That means I intend to move from point A to point B. From sex M to sex F.

After I complete my transition, this blog may also, be completed. I wish to help while I can. But, forgive me if I slip into the world of normal people after I am done. That is all I have ever wanted. To be normal. Without anyone wondering why I am weird.



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